The Barista Principle to Get it Done

If we’re all so busy, why is so little getting done? That’s what McKinsey & Company have been asking for a while now. Their answer matches ours: because we’re letting in too much noise.

Being constantly available is the new normal in the hybrid workplace: a brief chat on Microsoft Teams here, a quick ping there while frantically preparing for the next virtual meet that starts in 5 minutes. That is the modus operandi in offices across Europe and the Middle East that we’ve been observing. But being constantly on demand is like being a barista who spends all day taking orders, rather than preparing the actual coffee. Taking orders is only a means to an end.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

So, make some coffee! Or chai, or anything else for that matter. But get off your communication channel and get your own priorities done – rather than everyone else’s…