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Hayley Watts

Photo of Hayley Watts
Productivity Ninja

In my previous job where I felt overloaded and stressed, all this Productivity Ninja stuff really helped me. So I'm on a mission to spread productivity and wellbeing. It really can help you and those around you!

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Mark Fliegauf

Executive Director

I went from client to Ninja to Executive Director. I believe in the Ninja way because I’ve seen its magic transform my habits – and my life. And I would love to share it with you!

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Grace Marshall

Photo fo Grace Marshall
Productivity Ninja

Naturally disorganised, and some say “refreshingly human!” For me productivity isn’t just about efficiency or even effectiveness. It’s about the whole work life experience.

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Colette Heneghan

Photo of Colette Heneghan
Nutrition Ninja

My coaching style is realistic, relevant and sustainable for busy, career committed individuals and teams. Underpinned by the attitude of "I have been there and done it" point of view, rather than a theoretical, idealistic standpoint.

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