Our Impact

Our Impact

Years of qualitative feedback and hundreds of returning clients tell us how they feel less stressed, more in control of their work and more empowered to create value and think strategically.

If you’re a people-first organisation, you’ll be pleased to hear our clients have a stronger sense of wellbeing and a healthier, more sustainable approach to worklife balance too.

Put simply, we can make your people happier and more productive.

This is good news for your people, and your organisation’s bottom line, too.

The Productivity Gains

Based on an average salary of US$44,512, and the implementation of what we teach, we calculate these savings:

Engaging Your People

Employee engagement consistently impacts company performance, no matter the industry, location, or size of the company.

It seems obvious doesn’t it?

By empowering your people to make space for what matters, you will help create the conditions in which they can and want to offer more of their capability and potential.

Our work helps the employee reclaim the brilliance in what they do and the organisation build a more productive, happy, motivated and strategically-aligned workforce.

Investing in a great workplace, where your people are engaged and feel like they are contributing to the success of your company, will drive better results for organisation’s productivity and bottom line.

And of course, we all know the costs of disengaged employees and high turnover.

That’s why it’s time to Make Space for What Matters.

The Bigger Picture

Our Clients